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Baguettes, Baps or Wraps

12 inch Baguettes, 5 inch Baps or 12 inch wraps with great cold fillings made by us or hot fillings like Back Bacon, 1/4 pound beef or chicken burgers, or pork sausages

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Sweet Things

Delicious Belgian chocolate Muffins & Various chocolate bars to choose from, like Mint Aero, Rolo,Kit Kat,Munchies,Drifter

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Cold cottled drinks or hot coffee, hot chocolate or Tea, you choose your favourite drink. Even take them away

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Latest news

Open Weekends and Bank Holidays UFN

Unfortunately due to Family Illness we are unable to open weekdays at present, we will be open Weekends and Bank Holidays only UFN. Our catering is not affected if you wish to book something - please Contact us here

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Party Buffet Catering

Check out our buffet party catering page, from one sandwich platter for your business meeting, to a full cold buffet custom made to your requiremnets for a wedding, christening or any other occasion

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Buy a coffee machine like ours for home

Ever fancied a proper coffee machine at home, produce coffee like the professionals

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Picnic Basket/Hamper Hire

Want a Special Picnic ? We have some Picnic Hampers for hire, obviously we can also supply the food too

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Today's Hot

Chilled drinks

Choose from Coke, Diet Coke, Still Water, Various flavours of Oasis, Orange Juice or apple Juice and Lemon tea, Strawberry or Chocolate Milkshake

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Broadstairs Breakfast Bap

Made with 3 generous rashers of best back bacon, an Egg and 2 slices of Black Pudding and your choice of Red or Brown sauce in a 5 inch Bap

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Coffee or tea to drink in or take away

A nice cup of ground coffee including Latte, Capuccino, expresso, or just normal coffee or Tea in a Pint tea cup and saucer

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