Picnic Pantry cafe and sandwich shop Drinks Menu

Picnic Pantry Cafe Broadstairs Drinks menu, for coffee menu, tea and cold drink

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Choose your Drink from Coffee, Tea or Cold Bottles

Drinks Menu

Coca Cola500ml Chilled Bottle£1.00
Diet Coke600ml Chilled Bottle£1.00
Water (still)500ml Chilled bottle£1.00
Chocolate Milkshake500ml chilled bottle£1.00
Strawberry Milkshake500ml chilled bottle£1.00
OASIS (various flavours)500ml chilled bottles£1.00
Orange juice500ml chilled bottles£1.00
Apple juice500ml chilled bottles£1.00
Liptons Tea with lemon500ml chilled bottles£1.00
CoffeeNormal Cup or take away£2.00
CappuccinoNormal Cup or take away£2.00
LatteNormal Cup or take away£2.00
Hot ChocolateNormal Cup or take away£1.50
TeaNormal Cup or take away£1.00
Pint of teaLarge Tea Cup and saucer (drink in only)£2.00
All Take away cups sizes 350 ml (12 fl.oz)Please consider if comparing prices locally